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Lucchini Gattamorta & Associates (LGA) law firm was created with a specific commercial, corporate and international vocation. Our legal services are – for their high quality, type and content – completely in line with the best national and international legal practices: Indeed, the majority of our lawyers come from city or major regional law firms.

Our Structure

LGA’s main offices are situated in Bologna, Italy. Our client base, historically located in the highly industrial Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Marche regions, has constantly evolved with the globalization of our clients’ interests and today includes local, national and international businesses that carry out (or intend to set up) commercial activities or new investments in Italy and worldwide.

Our Strategy

Bologna was chosen as the strategic base for our principal offices to ensure that businesses have access to high quality global legal services equal to those of the big international firms, but without losing that personal touch; our lawyers are sensitive to each client’s specific corporate personality, culture and intrinsic needs to find and implement pragmatic strategies and solutions.

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Practice Areas

A core strength is our expertise in contracts and warranties; we draw up contracts tailored to client, e.g. distribution, agency, supply, standard T&Cs, bespoke contracts and sophisticated document suites for complex projects: Legal risk assessment of contracts proposed by counterparty.

We plan, manage and analyse contracts for international corporate operations across the spectrum such as: commercial relations (inter-group and external); industrial (manufacturing decentralization) and strategic (M&A and joint ventures).

We support the bidding entity (whether individual company or in a JV or partnership environment) in preparing private and public tender bids. We analyse the related contracts, conduct the negotiations and pro-actively manage relations with public sector bodies.

Advice and assistance to evaluate and select the best structure for business transfers/acquisitions (asset/share deal or going concern) and manage the drafting and negotiation of the suite of transaction documents (from contracts through to accessorial L/Cs and bonds).

Our specialist IP team protects all your IP rights and gives practical assistance to allow you to make the most of their commercial exploitation. We manage pro-active actions to safeguard your valuable corporate IP and can prepare your effective e-commerce contracts.

LGA has a dedicated labour law department which undertakes ongoing management of all your company labour questions. We also give full support on employee welfare issues and union negotiations. Our litigation team seamlessly takes over the formal dispute stage of labour disputes.

We have a specialist litigation team for Italian disputes as well as specific litigators for trans-border-litigation. We support you in every step of the civil/administrative procedure and can support you in criminal matters with our advising criminal counsel.

We provide analysis and input on best practices for credit management procedures and help you establish effective pre-litigation remedies to protect your credits, accelerate payments and facilitate your position in any subsequent debt recovery/bankruptcy proceedings.

We undertake efficiency analysis of your corporate governance policy and systems (for Italian leg. degree 231/01 conformance) and advise on improvements thereto and integration with your internal quality processes, also through participation on the relevant supervisory committee.

We have long-standing experience in corporate training activities in collaboration with major providers such as ADACI, Eni University, LUISS, Bologna Business School. We constantly create and update training courses tailored to specific corporate needs.

We can undertake your corporate legal department activities on an outsourcing basis, either as a long-term project managed directly by our firm, or short term by setting up your legal desk and training the employees. Activity usually connected to LRM Project (see next area).

We evaluate your company’s corporate risk using standard methods developed in the context of our legal consultancy activities with you, in order to effectively identify the appropriate legal protection to limit your specific risks and streamline your internal procedures.







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